At Mdina Partners we work with ambitious companies to help them build able and capable teams. We help companies realise potential and enable real step changes in their organisation by developing high powered talent that is motivated to achieve common goals. 

We help companies bring structure to their vision by empowering teams.


We manage and grow the network of independent PRISM practitioners by facilitating the PRISM Accreditation programs and providing ongoing development and support to enable practitioners to integrate PRISM into their businesses and organisations.

Become a PRISM Practitioner

PRISM Accreditation puts you in the driving seat, allowing you to capitalise on the power of PRISM and its range of neuroscientific products and applications to help individuals and teams see themselves more clearly, identify strengths and understand their blind spots to increase business performance.

As a practitioner you’ll have access to the exclusive online portal built specifically for our practitioners. It’s designed so you can use PRISM quickly and efficiently, providing supporting materials and resources to help you get the most from every learning intervention. 

At Mdina Partners, we know and understand the diversity of business organisations, which is why we tailor our course content to meet your organisation’s cultural and business needs.

We are also flexible with the date and venue. We understand that every organisation is different and don’t expect you to change. We will adapt the training to suit your needs.

Get the most for your money with a custom pricing plan that aligns perfectly with your specific needs. Our costs depend on various factors and we will be flexible to adapt them as per your requirements.


NATO Joint Warfare Centre Stavanger
Major General Roger Lane CBE FCMI
Senior EXON Adviser

I have used PRISM for the past five years in a wide range of settings from Government agencies to company boardrooms, and no other tool matches it for the ease of use despite its sophistication. Providing a PRISM map is…