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PRISM Brain Mapping Australia is the exclusive distributor for Australia and New Zealand.

Organisation Development Consulting: We specialise in partnering with organisations to enhance the working experience for leaders and employees that improves the working and performance experienced by the organisation.

We are committed to continuously researching and developing the most effective ways to deliver improved organisation transformations.

Our approach is leading edge, current and contributes to the ongoing development of organisations.

Our bespoke neuroscience based programs include individual and team coaching, leadership, change, safety and development programs.

Certified Practitioners: We manage and grow the network of independent PRISM practitioners by facilitating the PRISM Certification programs and providing ongoing development and support to enable practitioners to integrate PRISM into their businesses and organisations.

To explore how we can assist the development of your organisation and/or to become a certified PRISM practitioner, contact us at:

PRISM Brain Mapping
Address: 49 Agnes Street, East Melbourne, 3002
Phone: +61 448 322 362

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NATO Joint Warfare Centre Stavanger
Major General Roger Lane CBE FCMI
Senior EXON Adviser

I have used PRISM for the past five years in a wide range of settings from Government agencies to company boardrooms, and no other tool matches it for the ease of use despite its sophistication. Providing a PRISM map is…