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Gameplan solutions offers a comprehensive range of products and services that provide organisations with key support throughout the entire lifecycle of an employee.
Gameplan’s Mission – To inspire, motivate and empower people to improve their confidence, skill, knowledge and performance capability for the benefit of themselves and the company that they work for.
Gameplan’s Vision – To become the regions leading and most relevant people development training specialist company that is the first choice for companies outsourcing Sales, Leadership and Service Training support services.
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Innovative Disruption, Middle East & Africa
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PRISM BRAIN MAPPING is available in Arabic or English online to individuals, corporates, governments and SME’s across the complete range of human activity, ranging from: career exploration, team dynamics and diagnosis, coaching, mentoring, leadership, 360° Feedback and more.

انوفيتف ديسربشنو الشرق الاوسط و شمال  افريقيا

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يتوفر PRISM عبر الإنترنت باللغة العربية أو الإنجليزية للأفراد والشركات والحكومات والمؤسسات الصغيرة والمتوسطة عبر جميع مجالات النشاط البشري، بدءًا من: استكشاف الوظائف، ديناميكيات الفريق والتشخيص، التدريب، التوجيه، القيادة، التغذية الراجعة 360 درجة والمزيد.

Find below, the list of regional Practitioners. 
NOTE: The regions below refer to the location of a Practitioner’s office and not the area where a Practitioner may operate, which may be considerably wider.

NATO Joint Warfare Centre Stavanger
Major General Roger Lane CBE FCMI
Senior EXON Adviser

I have used PRISM for the past five years in a wide range of settings from Government agencies to company boardrooms, and no other tool matches it for the ease of use despite its sophistication. Providing a PRISM map is…