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Sinzar Consulting Pte Ltd is the exclusive distributor of PRISM Brain Mapping in Myanmar. We have been using PRISM for many years in the United Kingdom and are now actively promoting its applications within this South East Asian country.

We work with organisations, individuals and schools, helping increase performance and self-awareness through the use of this exciting neuroscience based tool. Please contact us to explore how we can help with your development requirements. We are looking to start growing a network of PRISM Certified Practitioners within Myanmar in the near future and will be offering Certification courses.

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Find below, the list of regional Practitioners. Click on a Practitioner name for more details.
NOTE: The regions below refer to the location of a Practitioner’s office and not the area where a Practitioner may operate, which may be considerably wider.


NATO Joint Warfare Centre Stavanger
Major General Roger Lane CBE FCMI
Senior EXON Adviser

I have used PRISM for the past five years in a wide range of settings from Government agencies to company boardrooms, and no other tool matches it for the ease of use despite its sophistication. Providing a PRISM map is…